PHOTOS: Male Cond0m That Covers Only The Pen1s Cap Invented In USA

When we talk about comfort thie new invented cond0m offers this to the maximum. The cond0m promises to improve sensitivity to the maximum and is said to be stronger and safer.
LA-based Charles Powell invented the Galatic Cap Pregnancy Prevention device after his friend contracted HIV.
The Galatic Cap Pregnancy Prevention is designed to cover the tip of the pen1s and leave the long shaft exposed and it comes in two parts, a polyurethane adhesive film  and the cap that stay on top of the pen1s to trap the out rushing sp*rm.
Mr Powell says that the polyurethane part is like a second skin and can bu worn for several days without
taking it off, He said you can even wear it while urinating and bathing.

He explained: When a man wants to have s*x, he peels off the paper backing on the cap and sticks it to the polyurethane to securely bond the two and trap semen. He insists the device, which is transparent, will stay on for the duration.

He believes his product will solve the age long problem with cond0ms , the lack of sensitivity.

However critics have come out to suggest the cond0m wont help stopping the spread of s*xually transmitted diseases.

A clinical director Jason Warriner told Mail Online: 'This will not prevent the spread of conditions such as HIV or herpes as the whole pen1s is not covered

'It may be suitable for a couple in a long-term relationship but not as a barrier to STIs. 'There is also the risk that the cap may leak, exposing semen.
See the photos below

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