SHOCKING: People Put Their Head In Crocodile's Mouth Just To Thrill Crowd In Thailand

Wonders shall never end, you wont believe that Pattaya Crocodile Farm is a new striking tourist attraction in Thailand where you can watch daredevil crocodile trainers putting their hands and even heads in the reptiles' mouths. Crocodiles are named to be one of the most aggressive, ferocious creatures in the world. They are often known to swallow their prey with their mouths and they also swallow humans.
In this scenario, will you ever put your hand near a crocodile? Or even worse, your head inside a crocodiles mouth?
The Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Thailand hosts a crocodile show where you can see young men putting their
heads deep into the throat of a crocodile, with no element of fear or worry.The salary for such a dangerous work is rather low, the trainers get $7 for risking their lives. The shocking photos depict young male and female trainers who carefully place their in a crocodile's jaws preliminarily putting the crocodile into a relaxed trance with a bamboo stick.A crocodile's bite is approximately 5,000 psi (pounds per square inch). In layman's terms, that's about 15 times the biting strength of a rottweiler, and more than 12 times the strength of a great white shark.

Last year a trainer at a crocodile farm near Bangkok was bitten on the head by one of the giant reptiles leaving bite wounds on his face and neck. Despite the attack the man survived.

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