PHOTO: World's Oldest Person Clock 116years, Revealed Secret to Long Life

Mrs Misao Okawa, the world's oldest person marked her 116th birthday on Wednesday, February 5.
She became the world's oldest person last June following the death of Jiroemon Kiruma, a Japanese man at 116 and she was presented with a certificate by the Guinness Book of Records officially recognizing her as the world's oldest woman alive.
According to her, her long life is as a result of eating sushi, getting eight hours' sleep a night and relaxing.
Misao, who lives in a nursing home in Osaka celebrated with a birthday cake and bunches of flowers, wearing a flower in her hair for the party.
Born in 1898, she got  married in 1919 but was widowed in 1931 when her husband died and is now a mother of three, grandma of four and great-grand mother of six.

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