Two Gay Men Busted In Their Hotel Room in Uganda (PHOTO)

Two Grown up men booked  for a lodging  at a populat hotel in Jinja, Uganda around 12 noon. After about 20 minutes, the hotel receptionist started hearing sttrange intimate moans and he had no option other than to call the police.
According to Uganda's new law, it is illegal and punishable not to report any
gay activity. When the police broke into the room, they busted the guy wearing
the short sleeved checked shirt seriously working on the guy in boxers. They were subsequently arrested and cooling off in police custody.
The president of Uganda already passed the anti-gay law bill, giving life imprisonment to anyone found practicing such illegal act.
Check out their Pictures and Share to your friends.

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  1. this is total madness.

  2. Why its their lives ..!! Why do people have 2 force their believes onto others ...?

  3. There's no women in Ugunda

  4. they should be send to there grave .devil incanation