Dead Man Wakes Up From his Grave in Brazil

In an amazing incident, a lady was shocked when she saw a presumed dead body trying to come out from a grave.
The lady, who was at a cemetery in the suburb of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, Sao Paulo,Brazil was reportedly going to visit a family grave-yard when she experienced this scary phenomenon as the Dead man was trying to come out from the grave and was waving his arms around.

Hear Her Words:

'I was terrified to see a man, who I thought was dead, trying to get out of the grave.'

'He had his head and hands out and was moving his arms around, trying to get out.'

The woman first ran away screaming, but returned and called the emergency services, who found the man half buried in a plot of earth.

She also revealed that when she called the police, they thought she was joking at first.

The man, who was described as wearing a grey jumper and with the bottom half of his body almost completely buried by soil, was later rescued after the woman convinced the cemetery officials to talk to the police

The man is now recuperating in the local hospital in Ferraz de Vasconcelos. A hospital source said he is 'coming back to life'. He will also be subjected to psychological tests.

Police believe the man, said to be a former city hall worker, was involved in a fight in another part of the city, where he was badly beaten by his attackers until he passed out and was taken to the cemetery by his assailants.

It is believed they then threw him into a empty grave which was partly filled with earth.

Hmm...Brazil and Crime!!!!

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