Asian Massager Uses 3 Large Snakes To Massage Their Customers' Body

Hmmm...Wonders shall never cease to end. A Jakarta Massager in Indonesia offers her customers what they call a snake massage.
Basically, they bring out three Big pythons on their customer's bare back and allow the snakes slither on their customer's body for the duration of the massage. Though, the Massager claims that the pythons wouldnt
do their cleints any arm, but seriously,i cant risk that kind of thing.
Check Out the Photos

Anyway, Can you ever let a snake crawl all over you in the name of massage and actually pay for it?

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  1. Replies
    1. This is pure initiation into d snake cultism

  2. For why? Lailai.... I can't fit.

  3. Even if i dey craze i no go everli gree

  4. I dey craze or what? To allow snake on never back.... Never God forbid!!!

  5. No way oo it jst lk allowin urself to b posses by snake spirit