SHOCKING: Uncensored Pictures Found On a Popular Pastor Phone

A Popular Man of God was busted few days ago when one of his Female church members paid him a Visit in his pastoral Office. It was a Big disappointment when the pastor left his office to use the rest room and his Phone rang. The lady picked the phone to tell the caller to call back only to see some uncensored pictures on the pastor's phone after the call was dropped.
The lady confided in Vibenaija.com that she didnt pose her nose into his pastor's private life, but the said pastor
forgot to close some of the uncensored pictures before he left for the rest room

And the Question for Is.....Is It Right For A Pastor To Have This Kind Of Photo On His Phone/Laptop No Matter The Circumstance?

                                 See More Photo Here

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  2. is it right for your imam to be raping 6year olds because of mohammed?

  3. You ought to be ashamed of yourself...this is strict invasion of privacy all in the name of news.....