I Will Become A Dullard If Music Is Taken Away From Me - Olamide

Popular musician Olamide sat down for a chat with a popular Magazine where he divulged some information concerning his past, growing up in the streets of Bariga. The ‘baddest guy ever liveth’ told the magazine he had always loved to sing and does not know anything outside of music, adding that he will be an ‘olodo rabata’ (a dullard) if music is taken away from him.
The hit maker also talked about his humble beginnings, his major influences in music and who his competitors are:
Magazine – How was it like growing up?
Olamide – Growing up wasn’t rosy for me in Bariga, being one of the ghettos in Lagos. Sometimes when we get up in the morning, the only thing we get to eat is bread, and soured beans, and you just have to eat it ‘cos
you have no choice. There was actually nothing cool about me back then.
Magazine – Who were your musical influences?
Olamide – My major influence from day one has been Jay Z. I also listen to Nas, Ludacris, Fat Joe, but my major influence is Jay Z.
Magazine – How did your parents take it when they found out you had started doing music?
Olamide – At first they were apprehensive about it, but as time went by they just had to let me do what I wanted to do. Even till this moment my dad is still not fully cool with it.
Magazine – What else do you do apart from music?
Olamide – I just love music really though, I didn’t choose music, music chose me, and everything about me is just music. I don’t know anything outside of music so you can call me an ‘Olodo Rabata outside of music. Everything about me is just music music, music anything apart from that, take me out of it.
Magazine – When you’re not in the studio making music, how do you spend your time?
Olamide – If Olamide is not in the studio, Olamide is on the stage performing. If Olamide is not on a stage performing, Olamide is in a meeting talking about money, trying to make some money.
Magazine – What are your weaknesses?
Olamide – I have no weaknesses cos I’m superman, the man of steel
Magazine – What’s your current relationship with ID Cabasa and Coded Tunes?
Olamide – ID Cabasa and Coded Tunes are my family, and they’ll remain my family till I die. ID Cabasa is like a father to me and right now. I’m working on my next album, and ID Cabasa will handle some tracks alongside Skillz and Kid Konnect. I’m easy going and I don’t have any issues with anybody.
Magazine – You are known to release new hit singles while even when the previous one is yet to circulate. Any reason why?
Olamide – you know I’m a movement by myself; there’s a saying that if you’re caught sleeping in the jungle, you’re a dead man. I know that outside of music I don’t know anything. Music is the only thing I know how to do so I give it my all and put everything in my life into it and that’s why I record a lot.
Magazine – What are you doing to position yourself as a corporate brand?
Olamide – I have a lot of things coming up, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. When the time comes you’re going to hear about it.
Magazine – Some of your fans say that you seem to be losing your street appeal due to your success. Would you agree with this?
Olamide – My street appeal will forever be there. That I choose to speak English doesn’t mean that I can’t keep it street. When I was singing about Ijebu and Ijesha, and all the other hoods around they said I wasn’t posh, and that I was too street. But now that I’ve switched it up to accommodate those who couldn’t relate to my hustle they’re saying I’m no longer hood. I’m doing this so that everybody can enjoy it.
Magazine – What’s the secret to your survival in the music industry?
Olamide – I’ve lasted this long only through the grace of God. It has nothing to do with my lyrical skills or how talented I am. There are a lot of skillful rappers out there who can rap in 3 different languages, but they’ve not had as much success as I have. Once God’s grace isn’t there, there’s no way you can succeed.

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