TRAGIC PHOTO! See How 8-Yr-Old Dies While Protecting His 12 Yr Old Sister From Rape

An eight-year-old Martin Cobb from Virginia, USA, was beaten to death while trying to protect his elder sister from the s*xual assaulter.
Police arrested a black teenager in connection with the case, his psychiatric state is currently being evaluated at the hospital, Daily Mail reports. He is to be charged of murder and assault.

The children’s relatives later narrated that the two siblings were playing near the train tracks on Thursday evening, when some man approached the 12-year-old girl (name withheld), defiled her and slashed her face.
Little Martin came to the defence of his sister, and the assaulter threw a rock at his head. The boy died instantly.
His shocked sister, who survived due to the heroic deed of her Martin, was rushed to the hospital for treatment
Local Pastor, Dr. Theodore Hughey, characterized the two siblings who on a regular basis attended the Abundant Life Church as inseperable

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