EXPOS3D: It Didnt Take Me Long To Have S*x With Ciara - Future

Hmmn I don't know why Men are choosing to Kiss and tell on their ladies these days..Future followed in the footsteps of Nick Cannon, Tpain and other rappers to spill intimate secrets with popular radio host Sway.This was the same host Kanye blasted lol
When asked on how long it took him to take Ciara on a date, he said Probably a week.

Was it Love at First Sight? 
Love at first sight? It was most definitely a chemistry that I never felt before. It was great. From the beginning, we hit it off well.
How long it took to have s*x
Wow…Man it don’t never take me long with nothin’.
Sway: “Did it take you a couple months?”
A couple months? It ain’t never took me a couple months for nothin’.
Sway: “A couple weeks?”
Uh, we gon’ just leave it at off the record [laughs].
On why he chose to marry Ciara and not the mother of his kids
“I felt like at the pace that I was moving and being in the music industry, she understood me. For me to be focused, somebody has to understand me. Understand my grind and understand my passion. We share the same passion, share the same love interest for this music. She understands when you’re not always there. Some people, when they grow with you, it’s just hard for them to give that up.”
 On who he would like to have a threesome with...
Fans have criticized the interview..Saying he doesn't love her because he didn't mention Love all through...Some questions warrant a "no comment"..Unless she doesn't mind the world knowing she gave up her goodies easily...

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