TIPS: 5 Sure Ways Of Satisfying A Woman In Bed

As long as you put your partner’s s*xual needs ahead of yours, and remember to keep s*x fresh, your s*x life will stay exciting and alive for a long time to come.
#1 If all else fails, this usually succeeds. If you’re having a hard time getting your woman warmed up for the act, just go down on her and spend a gentle while down there. Almost always, this would help build the momentum for a great night ahead.
#2 Take time during foreplay. Most men hurry the foreplay bit without any consideration for the woman they’re with. Just because you’re up and ready doesn’t mean your woman is ready too. Take your time
before penetration, and both of you will enjoy s*x a lot more.
#3 Remember her erogenous zones. The typical erogenous zones in a woman are several, going from the back of her neck, her ears, and all the way to her knees and her toes. But each woman has a few special sweet spots that switch the button on instantly.Kiss and nibble the entire length of her body and make sure you remember the zones that excite her more than the others. It’ll always come in handy the next time you want to arouse her faster.
#4 Don’t roll over and sleep. Falling asleep immediately after s*x is a good sign because it means you’re secure enough in the relationship to just enjoy the relaxing after-s*x sensation without having to worry about awkward moments.But there’s a thin line between being secure and taking your woman for granted. Cuddle up after s*x or indulge in pillow talk for a while. Or just fall asleep in each other’s arms.
#5 Your hygiene matters. Looking good for your woman makes a huge difference in the experience she has in bed. After all, a better looking partner is more of a turn on, isn’t it? But you need to remember that looking good doesn’t just mean a six pack abs.Have a shower if you’re making love at the end of a long day, and keep all those hairy regions clean and trimmed. Smell great and feel great in bed, and your woman will definitely have a hard time keeping her hands off of you!

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