PLEASE HELP: My P3nis Is Too Small And I'm Not Confident About It

A young man is shy about the size of his manhood, but is determined to overcome his insecurities with the help of VibeNaija readers.
You guys publish all kinds of stories, so I'll try to send in mine. I don't know whom to talk to and feel very sad about it.
They say, it doesn't matter what the size is, it matters how you use it. Knowing this does not help, actually. I wasn't blessed with even an average-sized manhood. I'm sexually active and actually had two girlfriends. There were other issues between us, but my shyness in the bedroom contributed to these relationships being unsuccessful. 
I'm in love with a girl I'm currently dating. Eventually, I hope and fear, we will get our relationship to "the next level". She knows about my problem as I don't want to keep things from her, and she said she wouldn't mind.
How do overcome my insecurities and gain confidence to satisfy the woman I love?

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