EXPOS3D: Sodom And Gomorrah In Lagos Where Women Dance Nak3d

Hoteliers and leisure spot owners in Lagos are said to have devised some amorous means of attracting and keeping customers by engaging young girls of between 18 and 38 years of age to work as strippers and dance provocatively nude to lascivious music in their bars.
In some cases the girls engage in anal sex in the open with these clients who are mostly men in their 30s and 40s, including expatriates.

Investigation reveals that no fewer than two of every 10 hotels in Lagos State contracts strippers to dance naked before their customers full-time and some­times on part-time basis and the most notorious areas known for this practice are Ikeja, Victoria Island, Apapa, Lekki-Ajah and Ajao Estate.Allen Avenue in Ikeja has become the the Sodom and Gomorrah of Nigeria where sex, drugs and money are the business of the night as hundreds of girls besiege the hotels and pubs in the area to ‘catch fun’ especially at weekends.
Every Saturday night, be­tween 9.00 pm and midnight along Allen Avenue opposite Sweet Sensation eatery bus-stop, it is another face of debauchery as men and women line up in front of a prominent hotel that has neon light sign indicator to the entrance of the nude club.
In Ire-Akari area of Isolo, exclusive hotels which harbour strip clubs compete with churches for attention.
Entrance fee to many of the strip clubs on Allen Avenue costs N2000 and a customer is expect­ed to buy drinks, which are equally expensive. The cheapest drink in the nude club is N1000, whether it is beer or energy drink, while the wine goes for as much as N10,000.
Inside the building, the sex hawkers in their bikinis and provocative attires swarm like bees at the sight of any man, beaming with welcome smiles, all in an effort to get attention. As the music begins to blare, one can see the girls giggling and swaying to the tunes. The strippers take turns to entertain the guests. There is no dull moment in the clubs as girls with keep moving in and out of their inner chamber to reinforce their strategies to seduce men for sex.
Some of the men who get aroused move behind the centre stage and engage in sexual acts with the girls for a fee usually between N1,000 and N5,000.
The scenes at the night clubs are bizarre and reprehensible.

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/65743.html

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/65743.html

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  1. I don't know whether the Hotel owners are driven by greed for money to sink to such low levels or this is an indication of the complete moral decay that Nigeria like any other country is grappling with. In Uganda they call it "ekimansulu". Until parliament passed the much talked about Anti-Pornography law, the practice of young girls dancing naked in Bars and Drinking places was rampant. Churches and other Civil Society organizations need to get involved. There is absolutely nothing modern or good in dancing naked in public places-because that is what bars and hotels are!!

  2. Signs of end time.

  3. Lord have mery

  4. End time, Lord have mercy

  5. Pls Lord this thing is beyond control, Let ur will be done