Popular Prophet Caught On Top A Married Woman During Spiritual Bath

According to a source who forwarded this photo to VibeNaija,com . He said the woman has been a frequent memeber of the Prophet’s church in recent times and each time her husband complain about it, she’ will claim it is for the good of both them and their search for a Fruit of the womb. She convinced her husband that the prophet is helping her spiritually.
The husband became suspicious and trailed his wife to the stream where she was suppose to have spiritual
and physical bath, as suggested by the Prophet.
Below is what was caught on camera…

What Do You Think?

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  1. What's prophet's name?

  2. Is the lady dumb? She has always wanted to cheat

  3. The woman has always wanted to cheat,

  4. eyaa poor husband go look for another wife

  5. Wai doooo, revenge on his wife also