Robbers Killed Many Traders In Broad Day Light at Alaba Market (PHOTO)

 It was indeed a sad day on the 5th of November, 2013 in Alaba International market,Lagos when Devil-Minded armed robbers stormed the market and killed innocent people.  A young lady who was conveying a large sum of money which belonged to her boss to the bank, with two mobile police officers was double
crossed by armed robbers and shot several times. One of the police officers was also shot and the second one managed to escape with bullet injuries. As the robbers made to escape, they were interrupted, which made them shoot randomly killing innocent people.

This is not the first time the lady and the mobile police officers will be conveying such a large amount of money to the bank before the unfortunate incident took place on Tuesday. The importer which she worked for is said to be among the richest in Alaba market. The police had since moved the dead bodies to the mortuary. See some pictures below only if you have the mind. Viewer’s discretion is strictly advised.


  1. Senseless people,y innocent people

  2. Wicked robbers they shall never find peace....R.I.P to the dead

  3. Vengeance is of the Lord

  4. It's fellow traders ie an insider who organized this whole thing. Some people are just so desperate for money. Poor girl dying over someone else's money