PHOTOS: See The Face Of Student Who Wants To Sell Her Virginity For N66million

A medical student in the United States who said she was ready to auction off her virginity to the highest online bidder for $400,000 (about N66million) has finally revealed her face despite fearing she’ll be kicked out of university.
The 27-year-old, who uses the name Elizabeth Raine to protect her identity, previously hid her face in pictures and refused to reveal what she looked like.
However, she has now decided to go public in order to attract more bids.

“I actually didn’t like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame,” she told HuffPost.
Raine, whose mother died when she was 10, says she is selling her virginity for the money, but the adventure and scandal are also factors in her decision.
“I’ve been planning this for a year and I’ve had a personal transformation because of it,” she said.
“I have a busy life. I am picky and guys were never a priority. I had other things going on.”
She created a website for potential bidders to find out more about her and a blog explaining her decision to go ‘from virgin to literal whore’.
The 27-year old’s website features her posing in lingerie with her face hidden and information about the auction.The student has promised the eventual winner a 12-hour date during which he will be offered her virginity.
She will also donate 35 per cent of the money she receives to a charity that brings education to women in developing countries.
Raine says she believes she can “control” the situation, as she is focused on detail; the winning bidder will have to provide Raine with proof that he has no sexually transmitted diseases and is willing to wear a condom.
He also may not be under the influence of booze or drugs during the encounter, nor may he attempt an*l s*x or treat her violently.
Raine said she’s is open to kissing the winning bidder, and even holds out a small amount of hope that it might lead to something more.
“I wouldn’t rule out love, but it’s very unlikely,” Raine said.

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  1. No money in this world can ever buy dignity once its lost, its gone forever.Fm virgin to a cheap wh...,its not worth it pse

  2. U̶̲̥̅̊ αяє right


  4. largent cest quoi par rapport a ta virginite? desole

  5. your worth is sorry

  6. Your virginity worth more than that, since you gave reason of doing it, no bleam at all, ensure you give it to the highest bidder, don't mine many girl that gave there own out for nothing will jealous you, up coming one will learn to treasure there virginity and know that it worth million

  7. Thank you my good friend. How can her virginity worth such amount is gold?

  8. Its nt worth it grl.....ur parents wil b highly disappointed in u.....

  9. Your virginity should be a gift for your futur husband and nobody else,your virginity is priceless..it worths more than all the diamons and gold of the world...