Yvonne Nelson Has Cobwebs In Her Private Part - John Dumelo

Gholly/Nollywood actor John Dumelo, and actress, Yvonne Nelson, are surely two of a kind as they share almost everything in common, including deep secrets.
While they were discussing on the set of a movie on Tuesday, Yvonne let it drop that she has not had s*x since January and a shocked John commented that she must have cobwebs in her private part if she could stay that long without humping around.
John Dumelo then went ahead to post a video of the conversation Instagram before deleting it due to comments that started pouring in almost immediately.
In the video, John asked Yvonne in disbelieve:
So you've not had s*x since January?
Yvonne answered:
Yes since...
The award winning actor then jokingly jabbed:
Then you have cobwebs over there.
To which Yvonne concurred:
I'm telling you.
John and others on the set then burst into uncontrollable.
This revelation would not be the first time Yvonne will be disclosing that she is s*x starved.
During an interview on The Juice with Toolz in July, 2013, she had revealed that since her break-up with her Nigerian singer boyfriend, Iyanya, she had not had s*x in seven months.
It's been seven months, I'm like a secondary virgin now.
I haven't seen anyone, done nothing.

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