TOUCHING: Twins Were Born Together, Wed And Died Same Day Holding Hands (Pictured)

Ismail and Suleyman Cata had been through so much together, sharing the type of special bond that only identical twins can.
And on Tuesday the men spent the last moments of their short lives clinging on to each other as they died in the Turkish mine disaster.
The perished twins, 32, were found holding hands by rescue crews deep underground after the fire and explosion which claimed 301 lives.
Just hours after they were buried, their heartbroken father and widows opened up about their despair.
At their family home, high on a remote hilltop, Suleyman’s wife Murside, 31, sobbed: “We are broken inside. How can this happen? The only solace was they went together.”
The couple had a son called Ahmet, four, while Ismail had two-year-old twins Sude and Buse with wife
Fatima, 32.
The inseparable brothers even got married in a double ­ceremony four years ago.
Choking back the tears, their widows held cherished photos of their wedding day.
Murside said: “My husband was a devoted family man. He was the great love of my life.
“He worked very hard for very little money and in very ­difficult conditions. His dream was to retire at a young age and spend more time with his family. Now he is gone and will never come back.”
Pausing often to greet a steady stream of visitors, she added: “I am angry because his death was unnecessary.”
As the family mourned, the three children ran around playing and laughing, unaware of the enormity of what had just happened.
The brothers began work together at the mine in Soma in 2003.
They did the same shifts and had gone in last Tuesday in the same car as usual, leaving their homes in the village of Bayat, 15 miles away.
But this time the explosion hit, sending deadly carbon monoxide through the mine.
The tragic twins’ father Ahmet sobbed: “I’ve lost both of them… both of them. What are we going to do?”
But with his grief, anger started to come through and he hit out at the mine operator and the government.
He claimed: “If they had taken health and safety issues properly my sons would be by my side now.
“It’s not fair. My daughters-in-law now have to bring up their children on their own. How will my wife cope?”
As he sat on a porch holding a picture of the pair as young boys, he added: “I remember the day they were born and their first day at school.
“How will this pain become ­bearable? Will it ever ease?”

Search for survivors draws to a close

Rescue workers began winding down their operations on Saturday after finding the bodies of two more miners, believed to be the last remaining underground.
Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said teams would conduct one last search before making a final decision.
Tuesday’s disaster has triggered angry protests across Turkey, aimed at mine owners accused of ignoring safety for profit, and at Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s regime.
The government was seen as too close to industry bosses and insensitive in its reaction to the tragedy.

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  1. So sad!!!!!! My their soul rest in peace.....

  2. So sad!!!!!!! My their soul rest in peace.......