TRAGIC: How His Manhood Was Cut-off While Trying To Defile A 3-Year-Old Girl

After a man in Brazil was accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old girl, community members apparently decided to take action.
According to local media outlets, the accused was found on the side of the road with his man-hood severed less than 24 hours after the alleged abuse. The man, who police in Severínia identified as 66-year-old Francisco de Souza de Castro, also lost three fingers in the incident, Estado reports.
Police are now trying to determine the identities of the people involved in the attack.
An investigation has also been launched into the alleged r*pe of the 3-year-old, reports note. The girl’s
mother reportedly noticed that something was amiss when she arrived home Sunday evening. Castro, who works on a farm where the child was staying with her grandparents at the time, was accused of sexually abusing the girl.
The Institute of Forensic Medicine examined the girl and determined she was not defiled, Spanish-language news agency EFE reports. However, authorities have not released their final report.

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