TIPS: How To Get A Real Sugar Mummy AnyWhere

This is a serious matter. please all guys must read this and ladies as well and learn.
I have gotten more than a hundred calls about how to get a sugar mummy and hooking up with them from fans of this blog and I wonder why so many people want to hook up with older sexual partners, largely for financial gain.
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites, pages and people out there claiming to provide sugar mummies and daddies for a fee.
Here is a true life account of a guy that fall victim, read his story below.
As an individual, I have been contacted by many of such. Though I will not deny that some of them might be
real, I can confidently say several of them are fake, mere fraudsters.
One time, while I was still at Abuja, I met one of the dubious ones. He connected me with a woman whom I spoke with on the phone.
This woman spoke sweetly, told me she was a single mother and promised me N150,000 if I am able to "fuck me well and satisfy me for one weekend in a hotel in Abuja."
Wow! Just like that, I would fuck for money!
I checked the woman's number on WhatsApp and found a very perfect beauty, probably in her late 30s. I was excited, so I went along...until my sixth sense suspected some mago mago.
First of all, the dude asked for airtime. I gave him the N500 Glo he asked for with immediate alacrity. All I could think of was making the sexy voice I heard on the phone scream like a Boko Haram victim.
The next thing the agent asked for was security money. According to him there will be two soldiers hired to ensure that neither I nor 'my sugar mummy' would harm the other at the meeting.
I told him to chil. Warri guys no fit carry last!
"Pay the soldiers with your money and I will give you half of whatever she pays me," I told him.
"It doesn't work that way," he replied.
So I told him to fuck off. Two days later, I used another like to call the 'sugar mummy' and a guy picked. I also noticed that the picture there was a guy's - not the sexy mama!
It was a scam!
There are more such stories out there and I always urge people to be careful.
While I would not  mind a tryst with an older woman, with or without pay, one must realize the risks involved.
If you are not scammed, you could be harvested for rituals... that is a possible reality.
So I ask, would you meet up with a woman or man through an agency connection?

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