SHOCKING: How Policemen Impregnate Female Inmates at Kirikiri Maximum Prison

It was alleged that some randy policemen at Kirikiri Maximum Prison take advantage of female inmate to have s*x with them with the hope of getting them free.
One of them said, “In the night, some policemen on night duties would be telling us to allow them to have some rounds of s*x with us.
They would be telling us that in the morning, they would help us so that we will be free. We have no choice other than to give hoping that they would help us to be let off the hook in the morning. That is how some of us got this.”
A wardress in the female prison who wouldn't want her name to be revealed told our correspondent that there is no doubt that some of the inmates were actually impregnated by some unscrupulous policemen.
“I can tell you that there is no doubt that some dubious police do get some of these girls impregnated because some of them that we interviewed told us gory tales of their encounter with some of these policemen in the night.
“When the girls are brought to the prisons, by the time we are searching them, we will be seeing different kind of nonsense in their body. That is, you will see sperms inside them. When we ask them, they would say it is the police people. Some of them would tell us that after having rounds of s*x with them, the policemen would tell them to reduce their ages on the ground that by the time they reduce their ages to reflect under-age or minors, it would be easier for them (police) to help so that they would not be sent to the prisons.

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