PHOTOS: Women Protest with Bare Braests Against Anti-Abortion Rally In Canada

Topless pro-choice Femen activists launched a regular protest in their usual style during National March for Life anti-abortion rally, May 8, Canada.

Two women striped off to the waist, bared their breasts to show anti-rally slogans saying, "God out of my vagina",  "My Body, My Rules."
They stormed the scene trying to interrupt Geral
As there were tens of thousands of people who gathered for the annual March For Life in Ottawa the pair
was quickly detained by the police.
It was learnt that some time after the arrest the women were released with trespass notices.

The activists claim that the protest was directed against the religious groups that are struggling to ban abortion.
That is why they defend the women's rights to choose by themselves what to do with their bodies and lives.
READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/66477.html

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/66477.html
 "We're here to fight for our freedom. We're here to fight for all the women in Canada where it's hard to get an abortion." 
However, the pro-life supporters have different opinion on this matter, they believe that Femen don't care about human rights, about babies killed or women who are going to die if this drug (RU-486 a drug that induces miscarriages) gets approved.

They said that Femen is an organization that aims to attract attention, shock people and perpetuate the sexual revolution.
"We're going to be here until fighting until all abortions are stopped — regardless of whether they're chemical or surgical."
Presently in Canada are a variety of organizations that deal with such issues as unwanted pregnancies, abortion and contraception.

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