PHOTOS: Meet The Ugliest Woman In The World

Lizzie Velasquez, 25, was born with a very rare  syndrome that is still diagnosed (Only two other people in the whole world have it). The condition prevents her from gaining weight .
Before people knew about it, she was bullied and insulted because of her "look".A few years ago, she was named the world's ugliest woman in a video which went viral..She is now a friend to many celebrities, a motivational speaker and earns a good living because she din't let it weigh her down..
..In a recent interview with E,she opened up on getting past the hate..

"It's a process that I had to figure out, of how to handle negative comments. When I was younger, I would just sit there and read every single one and obviously, it was awful. There were times when I felt like people were physically putting their hands through the computer and really hurting me on purpose.There's days where I'm like, in my mind, ‘I wish I could tell this person something!' But it's not going to accomplish anything. It's just going to be me sinking down to their level and a never-ending battle of hiding behind a computer screen."If someone compliments me on my eye makeup, I get really excited, because I can only see out of one eye, so I'm literally putting makeup on blind."
She also has over 90,000 followers on instagram who tell her how beautiful she is and encourage her

 checkout her photos below

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