PHOTO: Guy Caught On Camera Self Servicing On Public Bus

A Temple University student was on her way to class minding her business when a man sat down on a crowded public bus and began to self service next to her.
She immediately whipped out her phone and started recording him in the act before verbally confronting him. The confrontation obviously did the deed because as soon as she started questioning him, he climaxed.
The man finally turns to the woman and repeatedly asks, “Are you serious right now?”
At that point, the other passengers around the man start getting angry — especially as it’s acknowledged that
there’s a child right behind him.
The man asks the woman filming why she didn’t tell him to stop sooner, to which the woman replies, “Does someone need to tell you not to touch yourself in public on a bus?”
“Michelle, come get this baby, because I’m about to go off,” says an unidentified woman with a baby who is seated behind the alleged masturbator.
Eventually the bus comes to stop and the driver escorts the man off the bus. The woman and the bus driver later notified police.
The video went viral after being posted on a local Facebook page and the man has been identified. There is currently a warrant being issued for his arrest.
The video is obviously NSFW (and kinda gross), but you can watch it by clicking here.
People have truly lost their minds. The fact that he even thought it was okay to self service in front of other people — especially strangers — is troubling.

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