PHOTOS: Meet The Most Bootilicious Police Woman That is Making Men Commit Crimes

Many at times police officers especially women are taken to be less attractive and with sura ya kazi but it looks lime someone woke up and decided to throw in some dimes into the station.
So far the social media spheres has been graced with this photo of a Kenyan policewoman who many considers the prettiest of them all due to her killer looks.

Now there's even more icing on the cake as one of the officers brings the sexy part pf the law enforcers with a voluptious body that will drive many crazy. And by the looks not many would resist arrest and rather give in,what an effective weapon right back there. The police policies supposedly have been tightened to remove "immorLity" in the force with amendments bannibg weaves,plaiting,dreads,make up,mibisjirts abd a lot on tge female officers but ubtil then whebn they force officers to put on buibui or any body covering unifirms,enjoy this one
Should they ban such looks from the police service? Would you allow her to arrest you?


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