Foetus Baby Found In Sewage Pipe In South Africa

A FOETUS was found in a sewerage pipe in Luyolo Village, Gugulethu. South Africa.
Roland Erasmus (30), a worker at a site where the baby was found, said workers have been repairing sewerage pipelines for the past three months.
“When we were doing our work, one of the workers found a foetus in our enclosed area,” said Roland.
“We called our boss and he called the police.
“We stopped work immediately.”
Roland believes the foetus was flushed down a toilet.
“I have never seen anything like this in my life,” said Roland.
A resident who wished to remain anonymous said she was one of the first people to see the foetus.
“We will eventually know who the mother of the child is because things can’t be hidden forever,” said the woman.
“The same thing happened last year.
“We found a child inside a drain.”
The woman said the foetus still had an umbilical cord.
“The mother must be arrested for this,” said the woman.
Police spokesman Colonel Tembinkosi Kinana said police attended the crime scene in Tambo Street,
Kinana said: “The body of a human foetus was found by City of Cape Town drainage workers.
“A concealment of birth case was opened.”
Source: DailySun.Mobi

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