Zimbabwean Boy Shows Dad Unclad Photos Of His Mum In Bed With Another Man

A Zimbabwean Boy was wasn't happy when he discovered that his mother was having an affair with another man other than his Biological father
He allegedly found Unclad photos of his mother with another man on her cell phone.
The boy then showed the photos to his father, Dumisani Ndebele. After seeing the photos, Ndebele became furious, saying that his wife had refused him s*x for almost a year.
The man attacked his wife at their home in Pumula Bulawayo. He beats her on the cheeks and ripped a piece of her cheek out after he discovered the series of Unclad photos of her with another man having sex.
Keziya Ndebele denied the allegations that she was cheating on her husband. Instead, she said that her husband went crazy after he was served with divorce papers to end their 18 year marriage.
The woman, who appeared in front of judge Marylene Mtshina with bandages on her face, was granted an order of protection against her husband.

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  1. Hw did he get those pic & where Shame