PHOTO: French Mother Preserves Her Dead Baby In Freezer for 2years

A French mother was charged late on Monday after police found her dead baby in a freezer, where it had apparently laid for over two years, prosecutors said. 
Police were at the home of a 27-year-old French woman on Saturday in the northern French city of Lisbourg for an unrelated reason when her boyfriend told officers about the macabre secret in the freezer. After finding the baby’s frozen corpse, the mother told officers that the child had been born alive at home, but died a few days later for reasons that remain unclear. She hid the body of the newborn in the freezer, where it remained for two years. The circumstances of the baby’s death "are unclear but there is really no evidence to suspect an intention to kill the child," Roy said.
 Late on Monday, the mother was indicted on charges of causing death through lack of care. She is currently under judicial supervision. Many questions remain unanswered about the baby, including its age and how long it had lived for. Police believe the woman and her 29-year-old boyfriend had “recently” got together, though they didn’t offer further detail.
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  1. Some woman Are wicked heartless how can u stay with the pregnancy for nine month and give birth to. Baby the then afterward you decide to kill the baby that woman is a disgrace to woman wood