PHOTO: Dead Bodies, Human Parts Uncovered at Kidnapper's Den Called Soka Forest In Ibadan

A dungeon where scores of kidnapped people had been tortured and died was discovered at the Soka area, a satellite community of Ibadan, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway of Oyo State.
According to sources, human skulls, decomposed bodies and various body parts were seen being evacuated from the dungeon.
Littered all over the grounds were identity cards (apparently belonging to the victims), as well as discarded clothes and shoes.
About six guns and several cutlasses were also recovered from the house beside it said to belong to Black Horse Plastic factory.
A derelict factory building in the area was suspected to be where the captives were slaughtered and their body parts sold, as suggested by bloodstains on the floor and what could have been wooden slaughter slabs.
About 18 emaciated males and five females, chained on their legs, were also freed from captivity in the site.
Among the captives freed from the gory abode of horror was an aged woman, who was kidnapped and kept in the dungeon since 2008. Another female captive, who allegedly delivered a baby early Saturday only to see it being sold away, was also released. Asked how she found herself in the area, she managed to utter a few words and then fainted. There were also about nine captives lying on the ground, too weak to speak.
More skulls, bones and human body parts were discovered in the neighboring bush. Also discovered were open graves with dumped bodies.
It was gathered that the forest was a market of sorts for human parts with buyers visiting the area at night. Eyewitness accounts confirmed that many high-profile people usually patronized the area especially at night.
When contacted, the Oyo State Police Command spokesperson, Mrs Olabisi Clet-Ilobanafor said some arrests were made Saturday, but the prime suspect is still at large. The police spokesperson also said some security personnel have been detailed to cordon off the scene to prevent people from taking the law into their hands.
Reacting to the story when contacted, the chairman of Oluyole Local Government, Prince Abass Alesinloye said he had already called the attention of the Special Adviser to the governor on Security Matters to the matter.
The local government chairman also said he had made arrangement that the rescued victims be taken to the hospital for prompt medical attention.

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