Little Known Health Benefits of Eggshells

Many of us dispose Egg shell after we eat eggs without knowing the hidden health benefit of the shell. This article is going to unravel the health benefits of Egg shell.
Eggshells contained about 80-90% of calcium carbonate. Hens need calcium for the formation of Egg and its shell. The Eggshells take the high percentage of the the egg's total weight and has the ability to allow O2 (Oxygen) in and moisture and carbon dioxide out.
It is also good for your pets. In as much the eggshells is very good for Chicken, it will surely be good for your pets. The eggshell will boost their energy and strengthen their bones.
Eggshells is not only good for animals but also good  for human beings. According to some studies, consuming calcium from eggshells help you to gain bone lost. Break the shells to afford being affect by bacteria.
Crushed eggshells help prevent clog. In your drain strainer, keep some little amount as it will naturally help clean the pipes and will also not allow the entering of solids.
It is very good for soil. incorporate the eggshells into your soil. Anyway, it may take some times before the eggshells break down to give your soil calcium which is among the major element of soil.
An eggshell can treat skin irritation. Add an eggshell to a container of  apple cider vinegar and let it soak for some days. Apply the mixture on itchy skin or skin irritations.
Finally, eggshells lessen the bitterness of coffee. Add some crushed eggshells to ground coffee before brewing it. This will reduce it bitterness.

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