Mass Weddings for Gay and Lesbians at The Venue of 2014 Grammy Award

There was Marital solemnization of same-sex couple at this year's Grammy award as it weren’t just about the music, but also Mass wedding for Same-sex Celebrity couples.
Despite taking home the Grammy award for Best New Artist, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ biggest moment may have been bringing dozens of gay, straight and multiracial couples together to get married live during the
56th Grammy Awards.

Heavily hyped in the hours leading up to Sunday night’s show, 34 couples, both gay and straight, exchanged rings and said “I do,” as officiated on stage by Queen Latifah.

As hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed their song “Same Love,” which addresses the fight for same s*x marriage, Queen Latifah officiated and Madonna performed during
the nuptials.

The event took place on a stage set to resemble a giant chapel with stained-glass windows.

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  1. those demons that are in all of you hommos must be cast oyut.realy discusting ad dont give me that rabbish of being inlove.hoiw can you be inlove with the opposite sex.awe.thats the most discusting thing i have heard today.repent before the days are overr

  2. Hahaha there is no curse in being gay or lesbian, people shoul smell the coffee, don't be so 80s , those people ddnt fill up an application form to be gays, theyy were born like that, hmmmm or should isay is a miracle from god

  3. Aiy only fool can survive and enjoy that,repent for the time of triple 6 is near,my God forbid