Strange Image Appears at RCCG Lagos

A strange Image supposely a Ghost or Angel Appeared at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Church in Ebute Meta, Lagos. VibeNaija.com gathered from a source that there were skepticism among the church member in the area. Some claims that the image looks like the picture of Mary, The mother of Jesus Christ,
while others are saying it looks like Ghost. But some still believe the image is an angel sent by God to answer their Prayer.
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  1. These are the last days! Be careful and open your eyes! The bright powerful light of the Holy Spirit surrounds the Angels of God!

  2. Hmmmm.....!!! I reserve my comment......

  3. The Lord is spiritual and those that serve him will serve in truth and spirit, you don't see God,a gone are those days where Angels come, angels cannot operate without a body of man, God does not force himself into a place, but the devil does, its a Mystery.... Remain Wise.

  4. This is mysterious