Rainbow Appears as Mandela's Body Laid to Rest

It was a big surprise On Thursday 12th Dec,2013, as rainbow appeared over the Union Buildings, thesouth African official seat of power in Pretoria, and where the remain of Former President Nelson Mandela is currently lying in state.
The body of Mandela, who passed away at the age of 95 on December 5, has been on display to the public
since Wednesday, and will remain so till Sunday, the official funeral day.
The appearance of the rainbow over the building has shocked many.

Check out the picture and share Your Takes on This?

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  1. Wonderful! No thoughful the mandela gud did wen he was aliv made him slept in d bosom of d lord. May God hep us.

  2. Dis is a sign of purity nd to let de world knw he's indeed resting in de Lord,even heaven is hapi wit u.

  3. Let those who said Mandela went to hell explain the rainbow.

  4. Obviously he was blessing to the world and lifted hearts just like a rainbow lifts hearts

  5. Only god knows wat happend

  6. What!!!..... #shocked..
    Means everyone has forgotten what the rainbow re presence?
    I'll tell ya'll ok........ Whenever you see a rainbow..... That shows God remembering the CONVENANT He made unto Noah after the destruction of earth with water in the book of Genesis... Let's stop this pls.

  7. Mandela was the greatest and no one can live up to him