Openly Gay Man Become Prime Minister of Luxemburg

Wonders they say shall never end.,For the first time in the history of the world, a country sworn in an openly gay man as both its Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. On Wednesday December 4th, 2013
A talk Show Host and Popular Gay advocate Xavier Bettel (pictured left) was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Luxemburg, while another openly gay man, Etienne Schneider, (pictured right) was made his
deputy, making Luxemburg.This is the first county in the world to have gay men at their helms of affairs.

    "People do not consider the fact of whether someone is gay or not. Sometimes it’s not easy because you have some conservative persons, but there are always less and less and less. I think people vote for my character and they vote for my full party.” Bettel said

And guess the first thing he's doing? Gay weddings. Hehe

    “Gay weddings will be done soon. At the moment in Luxembourg, we have to change the situation of marriage, religion and divorce laws. But I don’t think it’ll be in the next five years – it’ll be next year.” Prime Minister Bettel promised.

The Second Picture is of the 40 year old Prime Minister and his Gay partner who will be the *First Lady* lol

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