Maheeda Releases Another Controversial Neúdè Pictures

The Former Gospel singer turned weird  mistress always love to be in the news. Last week, she released a Picture where she dressed like catholic nun with the word " Im Holy", if you missed the post last week,
Click here to see it.
 Well, She is Back again with her extreme Núdè Pictures, She shares these latest ones Check it out and share your View


  1. She has gone mad again,who is d idiot snappin her sef?oga oo

    Jewel says so

  2. She is possessed

  3. they say once a bitch wthout morals alwez a bitch! whose takin her pathetic disgustin n embaracin pic?..... shame on u woman........ ithink if u don avv morals ushud atleast consider ya otha fellow women. cz we carry woteva uthink is cute showin in public .... hav u no shame woman?? disgustin umst b MPSHEEEEEEEEEW

  4. This bitch don't worth a price.