Lagos KAI Official Stripped Man Nakèd because He sells on the Road

The lagos state Kick Against Indiscipline officials, Popularly known as KAI disgraced a middle aged man who was selling on the road yesterday evening at Olowopopo CBD Alausa, Ikeja. Nigeria
The official wasnt even kitted in uniforms and they did to a man who i supposed have family that depends on him at home

Eye witness told VibeNaija.com thatThe man tried to evade arrest because he thought they were street touts,ut the KAI people stripped him nakèd in Public.
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  1. Dis is bad if dis is hw d story went....wit what they v done,wil it take dem 2 heaven.wicked human being.they shall reap it someday.mtchewwwww

  2. Little power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. If fashola is reading this, he must bring those men to justice then I will know he respect human rights.