Picture Of Nigerian Police Officer Cuddling a Lady In Office

Well, i was scanning through my BBM and i saw this, i inquired from the person that used it as DP, but he claimed to have seen it on BBM too
Looking critically at the rank of this man, He is an high Ranking Officer in the Rank of Assistant Commisioner of Police.
I think our law enforcement agent should be role model to our Youths. The lady in the picture is Young enough to be is daughter. I wonder if this man can allow ordinary male specie of flies to fly around her own daughter.
See Photo After Cut...
TIPS: Take a Critical Look at Where Officer's Hand Touches..,,
Hmmm......Your Guess is as Good as Mine  *Wink*
What Do You Think???

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  1. he wnt just stand back nd let u snap him soo it fake

  2. Guy re u sure is nt fake....if nt'shame to him

  3. The man is a shameless idiot

  4. It was d girl that snapped it.... and maybe it linked out.......

  5. if u take a good look at the picture. u will see dat it was a setup. as u can see its d lady who took d picture. d man just fell into a trap.